What is Beach School?

Beaches have always attracted people, they can be wild, they are ever changing, they are exciting and inspirational.

At Wood Learn Forest School we believe that our coastline is a wonderful, natural learning resource to which every young person should have access. Beach School allows this and we are at the forefront of developing this new departure in outdoor learning.

Beach School is a new concept and a natural adjunct to Forest School. The student-led learning ethos is still the same, it is just the surroundings that are different.

We are very lucky to have, on the Isle of Wight, over 70 miles of varied shoreline - shingle, pebble, rockpool, estuary and golden sand. Each environment offers its own set of learning opportunities and potential for discovery. Beach School programmes are designed with the participants in mind, to bring out their best, build their self-esteem and self-confidence and, ultimately, to make learning in the outdoors a motivational experience.

Beach School, like Forest School, is a whole lot more than environmental study - it can be designed to link with every aspect of the curriculum - from numeracy to social studies.

And the really great thing about it is that it takes place at the seaside!

In association with our friends at Forest School Education we are now able to offer training for adults who wish to become Beach School Practitioners. This Level 3 qualification is administered by Open Awards and, once completed successfully, allows the holder to run their own Beach School sessions. For more information on these courses please visit 'The services we offer' page.