What is a Woodland party?

We all like a bit of birthday fun, and what could be better than getting out into the forest or down to the beach with your pals to build some shelters, have a campfire and run around like a maniac?

Well, here at Wood Learn Forest School we take great pride in arranging bespoke parties for children of all ages and abilities. We even do adult ones (but these involve serious bushcraft skills).

Our usual venues include Parkhurst Forest, Firestone Copse, Monk's Bay and Woodside Beach.

Pop us an email for a full list of activity options.

As the children's parties generally last two hours, it's long enough to wear them out and let them blow off steam. We have to put a maximum limit of twelve participants due to the activities we provide, but the best thing from a parent's perspective is that this is a party which doesn't mess up your house and only costs £140.