What is Men with Kids?

Wood Learn Forest School was the first on the Island to provide bushcraft sessions specifically for men with children - uncles, dads, step-dads and brothers can all come along with the four to sixteen-year-olds in their charge for a few hours of play, exploration and learning or improving their skills.

But why only men?

We recognise that a lot of mums work, or don't have men in their lives who can take their children to sessions. The aim of these sessions isn't to exclude women, but to give men a chance to be at the forefront of a child's life for a few hours. As parents ourselves, we know how easy it is for mums to take the primary care role on a daily basis. With no women around (except Luschka who helps facilitate the sessions and is present in a pastoral capacity for girls who may feel more comfortable talking to a woman should the need arise.) we've seen that men take on a very different, yet crucial, role with their children/ children they care for.

We've seen children look at their male-role models in a different way, and we've seen the relationships between adults and children change, blossom and strengthen during the team work and collaboration required in these sessions - we've even heard stories of how communication has changed in families as they've learned to work together, or how children have actually asked for or looked forward to more time spent together. The magic of the outdoors!

What do we do?

Every session is different, but we include shelter building , bushcraft and something to eat in each session. You don't have to have any bushcraft or tool experience - we will show you everything you need to know.

What others say:

"One of our best days in ages"

"I felt like it recharged me in a strange way, was awesome spending time with my boy doing fun stuff , looking forward to next time."

"A brilliant time out in nature for kids and adults, learn new skills and practice existing ones. Great fun in the great outdoors."

"Brilliant day out in the woods in the glorious sunshine. Teepee construction, mother's day gift making and campfire popcorn, perfect!"

"Me and the boys had a great experience and learnt some good skills... highly recommend... thanks for having us and we will see you again."