Art Builders Day

What is it?

Art Builders is an arts-in-education programme led by Animate Arts Company. You can find out more about Art Builders global art project here.

Because we are not tied to any one school, we decided to run an Art Builders day on the Isle of Wight with a number of different schools and community groups, including home educators.

How will it work?

Our Art Builders Day will be held on 25 June 2022 at Haylands Farm in Ryde from 15:00 - 17:00. Families will be able to drop in during that time to come and see what their children have made in their groups and how it all comes together in a big, beautiful, interactive art piece.

To make this happen, we will have a number of workshops where different groups will make different pieces of art.


Dates are in the process of being ironed out for May and June. Workshops currently planned are:

Paper and material crafts

Baubles painted to look like fruit

Air dry clay animals

Painting pots and wellies and turning them into flowerpots. Owners of these masterpieces will take Cosmos home with them after the event.

Make origami fruit to go with the baubles on the tree.

Why is there a cost?

As a community event, there is no funding available at the moment for this event, but there are still costs for materials, venue hire, and artists as well as running workshops. The costs for the sessions are low to encourage as many people as possible to participate, while still paying people for their work.

That being said, huge thanks go out to:

  • Haylands Farm for the reduced rate venue hire, and growing the plants for us.

  • Isle of Wight Coppice Group for the logs for the seating area.

  • Wood Learn Forest School for footing some of the bigger bills and letting us use their website for advertising